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'It's a life lesson, Meatball. Everybody is an idiot - I'm a prime example.'
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tumblrbot sent: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?

Personally, I’d go fer robots. Can be mass-produced, an’ they can’t die, in theory. Also, I’d create a robot-dinosaur which would ‘ave both the powers of a robot an’ dinosaur. So there. Robots.

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To those who seem to assume that by me not carrying a weapon aboard RC I am somehow a pacifist: If I see or hear something that I don’t like I will intervene. My intervention may not be instantaneous but it is irrevocable.

So, exactly what do I mean? I mean that if I don’t like what you’re doing, then there’s a good chance a couple of shady RC guards will punch a hole through your head so fast when you least expect it that your gun won’t be nearly enough to save you; and if you’re some kind of operative with malevolent intentions, I will personally pressure the Council to put so many restrictions on what you do you’ll barely be able to breathe, much less continue the operations you were doing in the first place.

While I’m not a people person by any stretch of the imagination, my opinion is held high by those with influence both within Rivet City and out of it. I am certainly not a pacifist. I hope I’m clear, and I hope no one else decides to make the same mistakes so many others have around me.

Ooooooh, this gonna be fun. *Still avoids labs forever*

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I cried forever

*happy gasp* I’ve never seen this before! Where is this from?? Gggnnh catwomaaaan<3
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Well, I can imagine it’d be a lil’ stronger. ‘S good, really, ‘cause like you said, they sell fer more. That bein’ said, I don’t typically sell to the junkies, ya know… if it ain’t free, they get a weeny bit violent an’, y’know… killin’ off your customers ain’t too good for business, heh…

An’ what makes ya think I want yer to buy more stuff? …Well, I guess that’s kinda a failed argument, as I can’t really get a livin’ if I ain’t sellin’, but I hate it when people buy so much stuff I can’t sell, or sell so much I ain’t got no money. Gotta find a balance, like one of ‘em Pre-War… see… saws. See-saws. That’s right, right? They look damn uncomfy, but I guess after the apocalypse, you’d expect a few splinters ‘ere and there.

Well, I guess I need ta find my Chems bag. The other kinda Chems, not stims an’ all that. Nothing quite does you in than going to grab some Jet and accidentally sellin’ Stims, heh heh heh… don’t tell anyone that happened. I still gotta lot of Merchants treatin’ me like I’m lower than them or some shit… have you ever seen two Merchants pass by? If the air seems to be gettin’ colder, that’s ‘cause it is. It’s a… mental fight. Is that the term? Fightin’ them off… by glarin’. Well, you know. Jus’ don’t get too close by when ya see ‘em together, particularly when we got ichy trigger fingers… that’s all the time, really.

Oh, sorry, am I holdin’ you up? My mom always said I could talk for years… but that’s mainly ‘cause when all you have is a Brahmin that don’t give a fuck onna road, you get lonely. Then again, in New Vegas, that ain’t such a problem anymore, least not for a night. You ever had that? Well, actually… never mind. You seem like the official, professional type. With yer outfit and home-made Chems an’ all, I guess you got a pretty good livin’, huh?

…Oh. Are you quite finished?

Look, I — I had a good living, once. Had everything laid so perfectly into place. But I got pushed out. I had to go. It — I… I’d rather just not talk about it. It’s not your even your place to ask me things like that. You introduced your Goddamn Brahmin before you’ve even introduced yourself.

But yes — the chems are strong. Warn those who want to buy them. I’ll take care when passing a pair of Merchants, as per your advice. Are we finished now? Which way are you headed?

I, er… I kinda have a route, but I drift. If somethin’ interests me, I go that way, if someone needs me, I go this way… I get ta where I gotta go in the end, but how I get there changes every time.

I go from the east to west and back again. Not all the way, mind. I mean, I’ve gone ta New Vegas quite a few times, but that’s usually when I’m hangin’ out with more friendly merchants… like Elle. I run with her sometimes, but you wouldn’t know ‘er.

And people usually prefer meetin’ the Brahmin than the merchant. Yeah, people don’t cry when they see a merchant half-buried inna ground, but a dead Brahmin? That’s when the waterworks start. My parents own a Brahmin farm… ranch… whatever you wanna call it… and seein’ dead Brahmin is somethin’ I grew up with. It don’t matter to me. I mean, Meatball dyin’? Yeah, then I would be in tears for weeks, but any other Brahmin? Fuck ‘em.

I’m Erin. Erin Kalowski, fourth kid outta the six children of the Kalowski family. You mighta heard that name; ‘Kalowski Brahmin Steaks’. It’s famous ‘round Morgantown… compared to the Brahmin Wellington at the Ultra-Luxe too. I mean, I dunno if it’s that good, but it’s my mama’s cookin’ and therefore it’s the best food on the face of the Earth.

Well… I guess I’m holdin’ you up again, ain’t I? D’you need anything else, or…?

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Korrasami height difference…


You cannot tell me this isn’t amazingly adorable. Korra is such a tiny little derp. 

Excuse me as I imagine her tip-toeing just to kiss Asami. Or Asami has to lean down. ASKLDFJ JUST LET ME DROWN IN THIS SEA OF FEELS.

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Daily Update, Aw Yeah!

I fuckin’ hate Fiends. Little shits, fuckin’ think they can take advantage of me.

Well, les’ talk about my day today, shall we? I made a tidy profit, as I usually do, ‘cause if ya know me, ya know I’m one Hella trader. Hopin’ to buy me siblings some good presents fer when their days come round, heh…

'S been busy. Was down near Vegas last an' got me some good guns. Marksman Carbine - fuckin' brutal. Gotta good range, no' so long assa sniper, but fires much quicker. You can get some good no-scope in when them bastards get a little close for comfort.

Got me some meds, too. When yer can’t find yer nearest docter, come ‘n find me. Cheapests meds in the Wastes, promise. All correctly labelled too, which is one of them big luxuries too. At least, all the meds I seem to be buying lately seem ta be in the wrong bottles, so yeah.

Speaking of, anyone know a good junkie? The dude I was buying from is probably dead, ‘cause ‘e’s been missing’ a while, even though I was popping by every few days or so. Other junkies didn’t know ‘o the fuck I was talking about, so ‘e’s been gone a while, I reckon. Either that or his ‘business’ flew off the ground so Goddamn fast ‘e’s sellin’ in Vegas, but I doubt it. For them reasons, chems are gonna cost a lil’ more, sorry. Promise ta get my hands on some Jet tho, so don’t be sad - or find another trader.

So it’s now 25 caps from 20. Apologies. Once I get a few, I’ll sell them at 15 caps fer a coupla days. That’s it, though, okay? Also - psycho junkies; back the fuck down. You’ll get it when I’ve got it, ‘kay? Little hard to get a hold of, and it sells like motherfuckin’ hot cakes. Jesus.

Oh, an’ my pistol broke today. Tried to repair it, ‘cause, y’know, I just love repairin’ shit. But, it was a lost cause, ‘cause beatin’ off ‘scorpions with a broom would have more damn range than my gun now. Because by ‘my gun having range’ I mean my gun has ‘no range’. It’s in a motherfuckin’ dumpster. Found out when I was tryin’ ta shoot the mother of all Bloatflies.

Thank Jesus I have two pistols.

… Well, I’m pretty sure that’s it. I got no chems, I do have meds and my gun broke. The-Goddamn-End. Come back soon, and remember; AIN’T NO CARAVAN LIKE KALOWSKI’S CARAVAN.

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Pretty awesome; I gotta say, I can vouch fer some aspects of New Vegas for sure. ;)
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Open Fer Business!

Yup, yup, yup, I’mma open for business an’ I’m awaitin’ your money! Don’t be afraid, so long as you ain’t no violent junkie, thief, criminal, Viper or Power Ganger or raider or…

[I’m a Role-Player of Fallout 3, playing as my OC Erin Kalowski, a Travelling Merchant from the city of Morgantown. She’s been from DC to New Vegas and has a handful of stories - some ranging from the hilariously bad to the dark depths of somewhere you don’t want to go. I’m flexible and fun - my upbeat character reflects in myself, so I hope I can keep your RP needs entertained for a period of time.

Unfortunately, I live in the shadow of the Grammar Hawk, so I may not reply to RP’s that have many spelling/grammatical errors, mainly because I like clear, coherent RP’s - and I want people reading them to understand too.

Last note: my character is a TRAVELLING MERCHANT. She’s no Lone Wanderer, she’s no Courier, or anything like that. She’d a Travelling Merchant who wants to persuade you out of every cap you own. ;) Please, treat her as such. I’ve had RP’s acting as though she’s the Courier and it doesn’t make things half-awkward… XD]

… And, hey! I think I ‘ave a ‘at that suits your eyes perfectly!

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Very good advice… which, in essence, goes to underline the infelicitous state of things out here.

This’ll be pasted on Meatball’s butt from now on… not that ‘e’s willin’, o’ course.
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