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'It's a life lesson, Meatball. Everybody is an idiot - I'm a prime example.'
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'As anyone seen me hat? I 'ad it yesterday, but I can't find the damned thing… That 'at's worst yer weight on gold, that is. If yer see it, call me!

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letsbenomads-deactivated2013032 sent: Korra picture + liking Fallout --> AWESOMEEEE.

Hah. XD My theme was actually one called the Fire Ferrets, and the Korra gif. came with it. I couldn’t be bothered changing it, so I’m letting to roll for now. XD I like Korra anyway, so it doesn’t bother me. :D

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“I have but one goal in the Mojave. And that goal is to sleep with every prostitute there is.”
Fallout Confessions
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Submission! Submit here.
credit: thelunahoneybadger
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I found this a while ago and I haven’t seen anything more relevant to my life since.
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#trying to get my ship to be canon #come on ship #lets go
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Want a “real life” version of a Pip-Boy?  check out this
Parvus WR1100 : Rugged Wrist Wearable Wireless Computer

Do want.
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sooooooo uhmm….


…what just happened on my dash

desmond wat

water you doing in spongebob



happy birthday america

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a new fad
a new fad
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